Window Refurbishments

In addition to our range of painting and decorating services, we offer specialist window refurbishments. Our services are ideal for heritage properties with windows that haven’t aged well or are in need of restoration. We work with a highly skilled local carpenter to carry out careful yet effective restorations. Get in touch today to find out more.

Woodwork Restoration

In order to protect your external trim and woodwork, it requires professional equipment, expertise and experience. Our thorough preparation process of rot or paint defect removal, machine dustless sanding and permanent repairs will provide a solid base for the paint work.

Once it’s certain the surface is sound, material is applied traditionally by brush and roller or modern method of spraying.

Rot Removal

The most common issue that arises with traditional wooden windows is rot. It goes without saying that timber is very sensitive to damp, which can result in rot if not dealt with early. We can normally work on them in situ, but we can also temporarily remove your windows and eradicate all rot, repairing and restoring them before putting them back in place.

Resin Repairs

To achieve a long lasting repair that is recognised by conservation, we use repair care resin. Our process: Poor areas with rot or decay are machine removed using die cutters, timber tested for further damp, then treated and filled with appropriate resin before being sanded and painted to restore. On occasions, a carpenter is required for large or specialist repairs which we can happily organise.

Trained Contractor

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